Como desbloquear o iPhone 3GS 4.2 Beta com PwnageTool

  • 9/21/2010
  • Billy Anderson
  • Jailbreak iPhone 3G 4.2 iOS Beta with PwnageTool Bundles

    iPhone 4.2 iOS was announced at Apple’s 1st September event to be available in November. Before the final release, Apple has seeded iPhone 4.2 iOS Beta to developers so that they can make their apps compatible and also check new firmware performance on iDevices. iPad 4.2 iOS has also been released along which brings multitasking and many other features to iPad.
    iPhone 4.2 iOS is in beta stage, so normal users are not recommended to upgrade as it will break their apps and may contain some bugs. The developers of jailbroken apps also need to test their apps on iPhone 4.2 iOS. If you have iPhone 3G with old bootrom then you are in luck to get jailbroken iPhone 3G 4.2. There is a patch bundle release by msft_guy to modify PwnageTool 4.0.1 so that you can create a custom 4.2 iOS bundle for iPhone 3G.
    For Unlockers: Using the method does not upgrade your baseband firmware if you were previously jailbroken using any jailbreak tool except Spirit Jailbreak and JailbreakMe. You can later use ultrans0w to unlock iPhone 3G.
    Warning: This method is not for normal users rather you need to have more sophisticated abilities to move forward. Cydia is not currently compatible with iPhone 4.2 iOS and you need to have OpenSSH from http://apt.telesphoreo.org/cydia/debs/, openssl_0.9.8k-9_iphoneos-arm.deb and openssh_5.2p1-8_iphoneos-arm.deb.
    Before Proceeding :
    Make Sure:
    1. You have iPhone 3G with old bootrom
    2. Your iPhone 3G must be already jailbroken using redsn0w or PwnageTool .
    3. Only MAC users can run PwnageTool.
    And Grab This Material:
    Her is the step by step guide to jailbreak iPhone 3G on 4.2 iOS Beta.
    1. All the material grabbed should be placed in one folder.
    2. Now, you have to patch PwnageTool with custom bundle. To do so, right click on PwnageTool.app and show package contents. Show Package Contents Jailbreak iPhone 3G 4.2 iOS Beta with PwnageTool Bundles
    3. Sail to Contents>Resources>Firmware Bundles and paste the custom bundle named as iPhone2,1_4.2_8C5091e.bundle and close the folder
    4. Patched PwnageTool 4.01 is now ready to prepare a custom iPhone 4.2 iOS for iPhone 3G.
    5. Launch PwnageTool bundle and it will select the corresponding stock iOS 4.2 firmware for iPhone 3G
    6. pwnagetool Jailbreak iPhone 3G 4.2 iOS Beta with PwnageTool Bundles
    7. You should be familiar with PwnageTool already to proceed.
    8. Once custom iPhone 4.2 iOS has been cooked, you need to restore iPhone 3G
    9. Launch iTunes and select iPhone from sidebar. The hold the ALT key and select restore. Browse to the custom firmware and let iTunes do the rest of process.
    10. Once installation is done, iPhone will restart at its own and you will have a jailbroken iPhone 3G 4.2 Beta.
    Source: msft_guy

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