Como instalar corretamente o MyWi

  • 9/12/2010
  • Billy Anderson
  • Como instalar o MyWi...
    MyWi custa U$19.00 na Cydia ou no Rock, que são lojas virtuais que vendem Apps!

    Bom vomos ao que interessa nesse postes!

    1- Abre se o Cydia
    2- Vai ate Manager , Sources e edite add
    3- Adiciona se o repo: repo.woowiz.net
    4- Deixa o Cydia fazer o refresh, e quando voltar, pelo o repo , pesquisaremos por MyWi (No Rock) vomos fazer o Download...
    5- Depois pelo Cydia, vomos pesquisar por RockApp ( Nessa hora você deve estar se perguntando o porque né? já que o Apps diz No Rock ?)
    6- Download RockApp, e depois que estiver completamente instalada,
    Baixe outro Mywi pelo RockApp, você terá que criar uma conta de testes, uma Try...
    Ao terminar, você poderá abrir o seu MyWi que você instalou por primeiro,. ele vai mostrar que você tem 3000 dias de testes...

    English version

    resumindo, voce vai ter anos para usar

     Update 3 : MyWi 4.7.7-2 released ! New licensing, does NOT need Rock anymore. No crack yet...

    Read on to find out how to get a free (cracked and stable) version of Mywi :)

    1. Open Cydia (no shit)
    2. Go to manage, sources, edit, add.
    3. Add in this repo: repo.woowiz.net
    4. Let Cydia refresh, then head into the repo and locate MyWi (No Rock). Download it << I shouldn’t have to tell you that, I know, but I got some real tards reading my blog.
    5. No go back into Cydia and search for RockApp(i understand the package says NO ROCK, but clearly, you need it. I dont know why?)
    6. Download RockApp, and head on into it once complete.
    7. Now download the MyWi TRIAL from ROCK. I know. You may be thinking, what kind of dumbshit figured this out. Well, He is a genius. In his own little way.
    8. No head into MyWi 4.0 on your home screen. Yea the pages with all the apps.
    9. Create a New Rock ID or sign in using a current one, and your set :)
    Your trial will say you have 3000+ days of trial left. If that ain’t enough, go pee on sarah palin(she doesn’t deserve capital letters).


    I suggest putting your network as: “This Is A Virus” just so noobs dont join it.

    Thats about it :D


    Update 2 : MyWi 4.4.4 was just released ! Crack is out !!

    4.4 Updates
    - Fix for when using USB to WiFi more than once
    - Fix for DNS sporadic issues


     METHOD #1

     Instructions for Use: (tested on iPhone 4)

    1. download Rock and install the trial of mywi 4.0 (4.4.4)
    2. activate trial of mywi
    3. open Ifile and goto "/var/mobile/Library/" and make a copy of the "RYP" folder
    4. uninstall Rock and mywi (order is not important)
    5. now install the cracked one (from elpelle 6 (MyWi 4.3.4 No Rock)
    6. goto ifile and rename the copy of RYP to RYP
    7. reboot
    8. now mywi is working ...


    METHOD #2 

    1/ Install MyWi official from Cydia, it will install Rock as well.

    2/ Launch MyWi and activate it with Rock ID. After automatical reboot, launch MyWi, the trial should start (X days, it depends if you installed it before)

    3/ Delete MyWi (official DO NOT DELETE ROCK NOW) then Reboot

    4/ After Reboot, launch Cydia again and uninstall Rock, reboot (DO NOT UNINSTALL "IntelliStatusBarIcons")

    5/ Launch Cydia & add elpelle6 repo http://elpelle6.com/repo/

    6/ Install "Rockapp(elpelle6)" then launch it once & Reboot

    7/ Launch Cydia and install MyWi 4.4.4 Crack by elpelle6 (it will install My3G as well but we will remove it later) & Reboot

    8/ Launch MyWi cracked then activate it again with Rock ID, it will reboot automatically, if not, do it.

    9/ Launch Cydia & Uninstall Rock then Reboot

    10/ Use SSH to remove My3G
    10.1/ Connect to your device using SSH
    10.2/ Go to /Applications folder
    10.3/ Remove "My3G" folder

    11/ MyWi should work without My3G & Rock ! Enjoy :D

    Update : MyWi 4.0.99-3 "No Rock" is cracked ! Don't forget to read instructions !

    Download 4.0.99-3 Cracked : 4shared

    Instructions :

    1.Download rockapp, create an account for free
    2.Download "MyWi 4.0", wait till trial version is installed
    3.Install MyWi Cracked above
    4.Open MyWi 4.0, you will see that 3542 days is going to have and close it
    5.Remove to rock
    7.Enjoy !!

    Create a WiFi HotSpot with a press of a finger! Wherever you are - you can connect your laptop or other mobile device to your iPhone easily!


    - Create WiFi Hotspot to connect mutiple laptops or mobile devices to share your iPhone's internet connection
    - 40 bit and 104 bit WEP Security to prevent others from accessing your WiFi HotSpot
    - Ability to enable USB and Bluetooth Tethering on your iPhone as well
    - Broadcasts the Network Name (SSID) - no need to fuss with creating an adhoc network on your laptop
    - Uses less battery and much faster then PdaNet due to native routing
    - Shows up and down bandwith usage

    4.0 Update
    ⁃ Faster performance
    ⁃ Lower battery consumption
    ⁃ Choose the In Use Indicator that you want:
    ⁃ - - Status bar icon (no battery use)
    ⁃ - - Blue pulsing bar (10% - 15% more battery)
    ⁃ Adjust the transmit power (Between 30% and 100%)
    ⁃ See who is connected to your hotspot (IP addresses)
    ⁃ Choose from a list of subnets to dish out over DHCP
    ⁃ Battery consumption meter
    ⁃ USB Bridge mode. (Connect your laptop over USB to the phones 3G or WiFi connection!)

    Write down your iDevice's IP address.

    If you get a boot loop, ssh into your phone using winscp or cyberduck, with the address you wrote down before installing.
    Once you can view the file system, navigate to /Library/MobileSubstrate/ and add ".bak" the then end of MobileSubstrate.dylib.

    this will essentially activate your device in safe mode, as it has disabled the use of dynamic libraries.
    once you are here, uninstall MyWi from Cydia/Rock.

    remove ".bak" from the end of the MobileSubstrate dylib to put everything as it was.

    Notes :

    Previous Version
    4.0.99-2 : 4shared

    3.4.3 : 4shared
    3.4.2 : 4shared
    3.4.1 : 4shared

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