Comcast Corporation and NBC Universal querem fuder a Netflix

  • 1/13/2011
  • Billy Anderson

  • Dear Attorney General Holder and Chairman Genachowski,

    We write to urge you to reject the merger of Comcast Corporation and NBC Universal.

    This deal would mean higher cable rates and less freedom of choice for American consumers, and it would give a single media conglomerate unprecedented control over the flow of information in America. Whenever the same company owns both the content and the pipes delivering that content, consumers lose.

    Already, we have seen that Comcast is not operating in good faith. By imposing a new fee on the company delivering Netflix’s online video streaming, Comcast is trying to kill off a competitor. Comcast has also refused to provide the FCC with documents necessary for the review process, and has already named the 43 executives who will take over NBC Universal.

    As American consumers, we know a bad deal when we see one. Allowing this merger to proceed could lead to subsequent deals, leaving Americans at the mercy of a few powerful media conglomerates.

    Don’t fall for Comcast’s spin. Don’t be swayed by their army of lobbyists. Stand up for American consumers. Stop this merger.



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