[Crack] Tlert 4.7.6

  • 4/13/2011
  • Billy Anderson
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    - Delay Lockscreen shutoff when typing - Remove reply bubble on incoming text (sporadic)

    Required iOS 4.x

    Ever get annoyed when you're using your phone and an SMS message pops up right over the main part of the screen - requiring you to press close/reply? And as text messages are typically responded to immediately, it's frustrating that you have to wait 5-10 seconds for the SMS app to open! Oh - and did we mention how ugly those alert pop ups were?
    Enter Tlert - SMS the way it should be. With less interference on your screen, a more pleasing UI, and LANDSCAPE replies from any app, including the Lock Screen!

    - Compose an SMS to anyone from any app!
    - Reply to any message from any app!
    - Send and View Video or Picture (MMS) messages in conversation mode
    - Smaller real estate taken up on incoming SMS
    - More pleasing UI - with colors you can choose from!
    - Respond to a text message without closing out of the app you may be working in
    - Landscape SMS - faster and easier to type your Texts
    - Integrates with native iPhone SMS App
    - Won't show if new message is part of viewing conversation
    - Message will show if not in current conversation.

    Tlert uses ViewThrough Patent Pending Technology for alerting users of new events and information.

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