GeoHot soltou o novo Jailbreak para PS3 Limera1n

  • 1/08/2011
  • Billy Anderson

  • Geohot fez o novo Exploit , esse bug foi achado por um grupo de hack , que tem como residencia o forum psx-scene Abixo segue o chat original entre o Geohot e o grupo..
    Originally Posted by dukio In what could be a glorious day to the PS3 scene, geohot has finally able to Jailbreak the 3.55 firmware that will comes in PUP which means a CFW! But wait, George Hotz has stated that there will be no “peek & poke” in his PUP which would then enabled mass piracy of PS3 games in the scene. With this particular news, i am not sure if i would be happy or not.. Anyway, he will release a video later for this, so let’s wait for the excitement and listen to the Great Geohot icon biggrin Geohot: Full 3.55 CFW PS3 Jailbreak Is Working!
    [17:03] < @geohot> yea, full jailbreak working icon smile Geohot: Full 3.55 CFW PS3 Jailbreak Is Working!
    [17:04] < +grandy> nice geohot
    [17:04] < @geohot> package installed and run
    [17:04] < +Xtse> good job
    [17:04] < +segobi> good work yes
    [17:04] < +inf1> icon surprised Geohot: Full 3.55 CFW PS3 Jailbreak Is Working!
    [17:04] < +evilsperm> and grats geohot lol
    [17:04] < +inf1> kernel patching or npdrm builder?
    [17:04] < @dwrfcrank> geohot: cool
    [17:04] < @geohot> omg no kernel patching
    [17:04] < @geohot> omg omg omg omg
    [17:04] < @dwrfcrank> icon biggrin Geohot: Full 3.55 CFW PS3 Jailbreak Is Working!
    [17:05] < @dwrfcrank> geohot’s reactions wrt kernel patching are always fun
    [17:08] < +RyLoS> geohot: full jb working on 3.55?
    [17:08] < +inf1> well, he probably signed right and bypassed npdrm
    [17:09] < +inf1> but how he delivers it to the ps3
    [17:09] < +djp> yea he said yesterday he was working on npdrm
    [17:09] < +inf1> ?
    [17:09] < +RyLoS> so syscalls working?
    [17:12] < @geohot> no peeking or poking
    [17:12] < @geohot> stop ir
    [17:12] < @geohot> *it
    [17:12] < @geohot> updating to 3.55…
    [17:13] < +inf1> so, you installed it on jailbroken 3.41 and just updating to 3.55?
    [17:13] < +inf1> no deliver way?
    [17:13] < @geohot> installed on unjailbroken 3.41
    [17:13] < +inf1> how
    [17:13] < @geohot> deliver in pup eventually
    [17:13] < @geohot> now it’s lv2diag
    [17:14] < +inf1> what about npdrm
    [17:14] < @geohot> beasted
    [17:14] < @geohot> make_self_npdrm works
    [17:14] < @geohot> and i currently patch nas_plugin
    [17:14] < +inf1> sweet
    [17:14] < @geohot> but thats up in the air
    [17:15] < +Xtse> I think I added the wrong description to my git when adding the key Mathieulh posted inside the source for psp ps3 pkg~..
    [17:15] < +Xtse> nas_plugin memory patch?
    [17:15] < @Mathieulh> lol
    [17:15] < @geohot> nah, on dev_flash patch
    [17:15] < @geohot> memory patch = lv2
    [17:15] < @geohot> and omg omg omg omg no
    [17:16] < @geohot> make_sprx works too
    [17:16] < @geohot> if i do release, it won’t be for a couple days
    [17:16] < @geohot> but its 4am here, i might still do a video tonight
    [17:17] < @geohot> omg updates are so slow
    Personally, I don't see the point of this, but he claims his developer tools are almost ready, and he might do an release in a couple of days or more, maybe after that someone will silently produce a better "memory patch" with more kernal features that truely everyone is waiting and hoping for. News Source: Dukio Thanks for the one million tweets, pm's, member news submits while I was sleeping! But logock gets the submit credit for being the fastest poster in the PS3 wild west!

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